Sparkly Lip Cocktails!

New from soothe-me – Dinky Lip Sparkles in a cocktail of flavors!
(pictured below on my windowsill)

I have just made these beautifully smooth balms 100%  natural with SPF 15, made with Olive wax, Coco butter and Plum Kernel oil. (5ml pots), suitable for vegans. Very subtle sparkles to each one, all a different shade.  Super dinky cute, will easily fit in pockets even of tight jeans!


Purple/red lid – ‘Wimbldon’ – Strawberry flavor with a light Rose sparkle tint.
Amber lid – ‘No.99’ – Moroccan Vanilla with a tiny bit of copper sparkle.
Green lid – ‘Mojito’ – Mint & Lime flavour with a light goldy sparkle.

Where to buy? – They will be up on the soothe-me site for sale next week £3.99 inc postage and on my ETSY site.

Super lip care – Vegan style

Ready to go and now for sale are my yummie yum yum balms

natural lip balms from soothe-me
100% vegan, natural and organic made with Olive Wax and Fairtrade Cocoa butter, these are handmade deliciousness for the lips and skin. Long lasting and effective, all have a natural SPF of 15, perfect for the colder weather to naturally protect lips and skin. Bin the petroleum jelly buy a yum yum – for gorgeous healthy lips all winter!

I think I have got the texture perfectly creamy, not to oily and not to hard.  Use on any little dry skin patches. I even use mine on my face when I dont have any creams handy. The Rose and the Lemon are great for babies as dribble rash prevention balm. Click on the image to go to my shop to buy now…

Making Vegan Yum Yum Balms in our ‘cottage kitchen’ by

Vegan lip balms in the making