Super soft beautiful feet

If you are anything like me you will tend to forget somewhat about your feet.
That’s until there is suddenly some sun, you pop your flip flops on, yay!
Happily make your way out into the world, tra la la merrily flip flopping along to catch the tube, hop on, smiling, sit down and then you catch a glance of the person opposite checkin out your tootsies. Then eeeeek! You remember that your feet currently resemble rough grade sandpaper, with scary toes oh no!
Now before you panic and buy some wellies you could try giving some of these lovely natural remedies a try…

Our soothe-me body polishes, they smell totally gorgeous, are 100% natural and organic. Not just for the body you can polish these beauties over your feet too, the organic sugar and sea salt will rub off hard skin and the organic oils help soften the skin and to ease cracked heels.
Organic body polishes
(Please note: We are currently working on a softening aromatherapy foot cream in a big 120ml jar, we will keep you updated!)

Neals Yard Remedies also offer a great natural foot pampering range

Or try making your own foot scrub…

Get super cute toe nails with this natural nail polish, a great idea for kids who want to use nail polish and especially good if you are pregnant
or breastfeeding.

Special foot care advice, if you are diabetic