Rosehhip & Sea Buckthorn Face Oils

For sometime now I have been working on re-vamping my ‘bioactive’ facial oil range, because I felt my facial oils could have ingredients that would work a lot harder for your skin.

For the new range I focussed on 2 ‘super oils’  Cold pressed Rosehip oil and Sea Buckthorn oil, both know as anti-ageing oils, naturally rich in the Omega family and vitamin A. Because these oils are know to help to balance the skins oil production, they can help both dry and oily skin.

Rosehip oil has been medically recognised to help prevent premature ageing of the skin. Sea Buckthorn is a beautiful golden colour, it has been used in skincare for many years to help heal the skin and for other health benefits. Rosehip on its own is a very ‘dry’ oil so I have also used natural vitamin E to counter act the dryness, Rosemary anti oxidant and with Vitamin A help with skin cell regeneration. The results are 3 beautiful face oils/serums that promote soft vital looking, clear skin. And they also smell wonderful!

All 3 help combat premature skin ageing and then each one has another particular targeted skin benefit.
Divine skin oil – Dry skin, with essential oil Lavender, Geranium, Pathchouli
Radiant skin oil – Mature skin, large pores, with essential oil of Elemi flower
Brilliant skin oil – Anti acne , with exquisite Frangipani and Fragonia for rebalancing
(I currently make to order, you can also try them in a mini travel size).