Organic Castor Oil – for very dry skin

A big-up for organic castor oil (Ricinus Communis) from the castor bean. If you have very dry skin or need an oil to help soften and soothe dry eczema, this is a great oil. I buy this beautiful one from Shea Butter Cottage, it comes from India. (click image to buy it)

Benefits of castor oil are its antioxident and anti-inflamatory properties, It is highly antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal too. Great for those who work a lot with their hands, gardeners, kitchen workers etc. When used on dry and very dry skin is its thickness and viscosity, make it a good barrier,  But with nutritional benefits for the skin, unlike petroleum or paraffin based products which are just and only a barrier.  Especially suitable now in as the weather gets colder and skin can get very dry. Although do only buy a good quality organic one to ensure its properties are still intact and of high standard.

Suggested very dry skin blend (can also help Eczema):
Makes 100ml

Try to by cold pressed oils, they dont have to be organic.

40ml Sesame oil (organic NOT TOASTED!!)
25ml Shea butter oil
20ml Castor oil
15ml Avocado oil
5ml Vitamin E (natural)

For very dry skin you could add 6 drops of Benzoin and 6 drops of Lemmon
If you are using it to soothe dry itchy eczema add 4 drops of Peppermint oil and 4 drops of Patchouli oil to 150ml of base oil.
(I used this blend on my young 2yr old son when he has a flare up, its very soothing and he asks me for it when he wants it)

NEW RECIPE UPDATE 30th July 2013:  For children under 7 try this essential oil blend in 100ml of the above base oil blend: 3 drops lavender, 2 Patchouli, 2 tea tree, 1 Roman Chamomile, 1 Eucalyptus.


UPDATE July 2913: If you or your child is having a bad flare up never introduce a new natural product you may cause further reaction. In this case you will find it best to get the flare up under control with steroids. Then once skin is just dry and not broken and inflamed try a natural option in small patch test for 2 days.  In my experience there is sometime a small flare up from the natural remedy that may be referred to as a ‘healing crisis’ this should then subside. If this carries on past 24hrs I would wait until the child is older to try the remedy. If you are an adult you maybe able to tell from the type of itching if it is a ‘healing’ itch (more tingly and less aggressive) than the usual eczema itch. Always introduce a new product slowly to a small patch of skin.

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Help stop babies scratching Eczema

I stumbled across these in my search to help stop my son scratching at night, you may find then very useful too…
(wording taken from Scratch-sleeves website)

Stopping babies and toddlers scratching themselves can be a real challenge, especially as they get older and can take off traditional scratch mitts. ScratchSleeves are invaluable in coping with itchy, scratchy babies and toddlers. They stay on and minimize the damage done to skin, reducing the risk of infection and avoiding the itching of healing skin.

ScratchSleeves work in two ways:

  • The sleeve system ensures the mitts stay firmly in place on even the most determined babies and toddlers.
  • The unique dual layer mitts minimize the impact of scratching by isolating the action of the fingers. The two layers of the mitts slide over each other allowing the inner layer of stretch cotton to move with the baby’s fingers while the layer of silk remains stationary against the skin.

Originally developed to stop their own son scratching his face. They were so successful that we felt we had to share the product.

Buy here:

Below see my son with his first flare up of eczema, at about 6 month, worse because of his first big teething episode.
Then at about 2yrs you can see his eczema its still about but much much milder, sea water helps a lot with healing.
As a remedy 2 to 3 times a day I use a home-made massage oil recipe of castor oil, plum kernel oil, sesame oil with a few drops of Patchouli and Peppermint which help calm and stop infection and to cool the skin. (mail me for more info
You can also ask your doctor about allergy medicines and antihistamines that may help. HYDRATION is the key keep encouraging the child/baby to drink regularly, water if possible. (Please see my other posts for more on this topic)

Pregnancy skin care

Its very important to take care to use very natural skincare during pregnancy, because it is thought that we can absorb around 60% of harmful chemicals through the skin into the body. Therefore they could possibly be in some way damaging to the baby.

For this reason I chose to use only natural skin care during my pregnancy. Faithfully I used my soothe-me 100% natural & organic bump & boobs oil everyday from 12 weeks. Its a great natural product designed to support the skin during its time of belly s t r e t c h i n g!


I have just a few very small marks under my belly button and that is it. I am clearly very lucky and I know that genetics help too (my mum does not have any). But I DO BELIEVE the natural oil helped support and nourish my skin while it was expanding, helping strengthen and nourish the skin cells to prevent marks from appearing badly.

I have had excellent feedback from all my customers and pregnant friends that used it, some are actually still using it as a body and even face oil! I can make a special 250ml VALUE BOTTLE to order, email me –

I am make bespoke products and have a great ‘Healing Oil’ that can help to heal scars and damaged skin.
I only make this to order 100ml £12.99.

Stretchmarks  in general – is there a cure?

Other good products are Mama Mio pregnancy and stretchmark products.

Revitol – I have not used or spoken with anyone who has used this but I have heard about it and its all over the internet
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