Super lip care – Vegan style

Ready to go and now for sale are my yummie yum yum balms

natural lip balms from soothe-me
100% vegan, natural and organic made with Olive Wax and Fairtrade Cocoa butter, these are handmade deliciousness for the lips and skin. Long lasting and effective, all have a natural SPF of 15, perfect for the colder weather to naturally protect lips and skin. Bin the petroleum jelly buy a yum yum – for gorgeous healthy lips all winter!

I think I have got the texture perfectly creamy, not to oily and not to hard.  Use on any little dry skin patches. I even use mine on my face when I dont have any creams handy. The Rose and the Lemon are great for babies as dribble rash prevention balm. Click on the image to go to my shop to buy now…

Making Vegan Yum Yum Balms in our ‘cottage kitchen’ by

Vegan lip balms in the making

Kali’s Books – Handmade note pads


Beautiful handcrafted note pads, I chose this A5 bike one (its Kali’s old bike),
they come in other great colour combinations too like vivid red and grey.
Other prints, very graphical and super cool and A6 sizes also available.
If you want one right now! Contact Kali on :
(I found her selling her lovely books at Craftacular York Hall)

madebykate – sock soft toys!

I saw these at cutesters at Craftacular, I would have bought them all if I could!

Hand made soft toys made by Kate in Devon from carefully selected stripy socks!
Very clever, super cute and they feel so soft and squidgable!
Kate will customise them with felt eyes if you want one for a baby, otherwise 2 years and above. Dont miss the brilliantly illustrated Monster wall transfers, in white or black so whatever colour your wall there is one for your little monsters bedroom. grrrrrrr.

Vegan lip balm – now ready!

Hello all you vegans out there.

It has been brought to my attention, that there is a lack of choice for high quality lip balms that are truly vegan. I am therefore working on creating one.
Batch 1: using Carnauba wax and Shea butter replacing Bees Wax. With Organic Orange and Benzoin Essential oils for flavor. The flavor is AMAZING but the texture has turned out to be to hard.

So back to the drawing board, going to try oilve wax or Mango butter, watch this space…


Hey there vegan friends I now have a lovely blend for vegan lip balms, using olive wax. My second batch using this wax rather than carnauba has turned out to be great. Very smooth in texture. SOON to be available to buy on my website or you can contact me direct until then