Helpful work tips (Via Etsy)

A great post by Erica Heftmann a textile artist from Seattle.
Work Habits that Work for Me
1) I divide my work into small tasks, the first of which I do right away. This is so much better than putting everything off because it is to huge to face!The first small task is typically setting up my work area for the job that needs to be done. Pull out the right supplies and tools; put away everything else. Done! Pat on back!

The next day, it is easy to step up to an inviting work area, where everything is laid out and waiting to be done.

2) If there is a mistake or a mess, likewise, divide it into small tasks. The first is to undo the mistake. This is often a big obstacle for creative people who are thinking of fixing things to overcome a mistake and are fretting about how that can be done. Don’t think about that now. Just undo the mistake, even if this means trashing something. That’s enough for one session. The next time you go to work, there is nothing to fix, only a fresh starting point.

3) Use the calendar to make an appointment with yourself for things you don’t trust yourself to finish. Treat it like a regular work commitment to a boss or a client. Show up and complete your work.

4) Turn off the television, the phone and the computer. These sap a lot of time and before you realize it, you are not in the sharpest frame of mind to get through your task list.

5) Listen to yourself. If you are having trouble staying on track, maybe you are not doing what you love the best but what you think you are supposed to be doing (from advice, from comparing yourself to something, from some external perception?) If you are motivated by desire, you won’t need to discipline yourself so much.


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