Baby bottles – what I chose & why

My baby had colic and very severe reflux which to help him I had to start part bottle feeding expressed milk. I started out as probably most new mums do with the AVENT bottles, which are fine for most babies with a stronger digestive system but not so good for mine

After trying many i ended up with Dr Browns which I must say are excellent. They helped all wind/colic and the steadier milk flow helped my baby to feed more comfortably with his reflux. The only thing that is not great about Dr Browns is they do have an inner ‘tube’ that is fairly tricky clean, although they do provide a special little bottle brush.

I used Dr Browns until very recently when the Bisphenol A, or BPA scare came I found that they did contain it.
What was said: In April, the National Toxicology Program, part of the US National Institutes of Health, found that, based on animal experiments, exposure to low-levels of BPA “can cause changes in behaviour and the brain, prostate gland, mammary gland and the age at which females attain puberty”.

Although the experts are still not totally sure about how much BPA can affect babies I chose to find a bottle without it. I found Born Free bottles, they are BPA free, they have an inner design that also helps stop air buildup. They are very good value and easier to clean, so the best of both worlds, hooray!