Epidural before contractions?!!

Work has eased off a bit this week so can start blogging again. Not that I have that much interesting to say as it’s all a bit non eventful. Not that I’m complaining. Im 14 weeks now. No sickness still. More energy, and I think my stomach even looked a little flatter!? No cravings. Apart from nectarines.

I woke up last week feeling pretty normal again. Although in the evening I do double in size. Definitely ready to start yoga again. (gonna check out the prenatal class at Yoga Place). Not lovin bingo wings or fat back. Am loving my soothe-me bump n boobs oil tho. thank you sooz for making me an extra big bottle! Using it daily all over body and even on my face now. It’s lush.

So, more interesting facts from my friend… You should try to not put on more than 2 stone during pregnancy, and a friend of a friend had an epidural before she even had any contractions. She lives in South Africa. Can you do that here??!

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