Facial brushing routine for beautiful skin!

If you have limited time or are a busy mum, this is a quick 5 min routine to try. This will leave your skin feeling AMAZING! I say this from experience, having stated this a few months ago my skin has never felt so supple and healthy. Brushing is best after cleansing, I use my soothe-me ‘Balancing Act‘ Exquisite Floral Water mist before I start. (note: you have the pressure correct if it is comfortable for you, its a personal thing!)


A few of the many benefits of ‘skin brushing’ are…

  • Brushing (acts like massage) encouraging the blood flow to skin cells,  bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells to help re-new them. Promoting happy healthy skin cells.
  • Brushing exfoliates helping remove old dead skin cells. As we age this process slow down, causing a dull complexion. Exfoliating by brushing = a better complexion.
  • It helps clear away impurities in the pores, clearer pores appear to look smaller
  • It stimulates and workes the muscles under the skin,  just like facial yoga, this helps improve skin tone, texture and helps skin to feel firmer.  Appearing less saggy and more youthful.
  • Find the right strength of brush for you, I like quite a firm one but others prefer softer more baby level brushes.  With the right brush for you it feels great, because brushing acts like massage it releases endorphins so you feel relaxed! It makes my skin feel really invigorated and I get so many comments about how great I look. Facial brushing for me is quite addictive and I LOVE IT! Give it a try today!

Sleep well Buckwheat with Lavender Pillow for neck support

A pillow with health benefits!
It’s one of the best pillows I have slept on (and I have tried many!). I hand-made it for my boyfriend first, then my friends ordered and as I have had so many positive comments, I decided to make it for other people to enjoy the sleep.

Its a great pillow for insomnia, headache,snoring, irritability, stiff neck and sluggishness and because it can be shaped and moulded to how you like it keeps you in a good position. Also can help lessen puffy eyes in the morning as the lavender helps you breathe well.

It supports your neck, moulds your shape, scented with lavender which is very calming and helps you to sleep more deeply. And its even environmentally friendly!

Makes you want one? Well my friend hand-make them bespoke to order, so for prices and to order please email on suzie@soothe-me.com

Flea Market this Sunday 4th Oct!

Hackney Wick Flea Market, I have a stall selling my handmade products.
You can get a stall yourself for a fiver! Its a great day out with the kids,
There will be arts and crafts, food, vintage things and lots lots more!

Get a stall: Click here
Map: Click here




Looking for an Au pair?

Au Pair Agency
Rainbow Au Pairs provides a fresh approach to finding and placing au pairs. We have a dual commitment to both host families and au pairs to ensure both parties are happy. We offer genuinely tailored matching services, based on the principle of taking time to understand people’s personal requirements, skills and motivations. Our unique services include the option of rigorous (but affordable) personality testing, as well as a comprehensive profiling match for each placement.

While Rainbow works with families in London and the South East of England, we are particularly  focused on the counties of Kent and Sussex. Locations include popular towns such as Tunbridge Wells, Lewes, and Brighton, as well as attractive rural and semi rural locations like Forest Row,  Sharpthorne and Edenbridge


Teething? – Add a slice of Lemon!

Anti-inflamatory Lemon

Anti-inflamatory Lemon

I got a great natural teething tip today from a Granddad.  I was with my little son at the swimming pool, he was having a grumpy day because of teething pains.

Kind Granddad inquired about my sons age and i told him, “he’s 14months and grumpy from teething..” He then gave me the tip – “Try giving him a slice of Lemon, it worked like a miracle on my grandson, and my mother swore by it!”

To be honest I thought he was a bit crazy and just humored him.
“oh ok ill give it a try..” I said.

When I got home I tried it, I gave my son a slice, at first he was horrified but then went back for more, finished it and had another slice. Kept him seemingly pain free for a good 40mins!

Old wives tale or not Lemon is naturally anti-inflamatory and ill be using it again!

My meal planner – comments welcome!

Here is a weekly meal planner (evening dinners only) for those who want to give it a go…

Monday: Pasta, pesto (check salt content is not to high) , Asparagus stalks (steamed), toasted Cashew nuts and/or steamed Haddock, spring onions, red onion, Spinach. (Pesto – Asda do a good one in their ‘Extra special’ range it has half the salt that the Bertolli one has).

Sausages, Steamed leeks n cheese sauce, roasted potatoe with mixed herbs (cut up small to make saute size ones), roasted halved pepper, roasted chestnut mushrooms.

Wednesday: Brown rice with mixed herbs added & some Nandos peri peri!, a pre-cooked chicken, or could be chicken breasts, Corn on the cob.

Thursday: Easy homemade chicken n leek pot-pie with herby scone topping. (Recipie can be found at end of planner).

Friday: Vegetable (and or any meat you like) Curry Balti and Jasmine or Brown basmatti rice.

Sat & Sun – Freestlyle!

Please let us know what you try out!

What you need: Chicken (we use left overs from our whole chicken from the day before), 1 leek, a few carrots,1 onion, 6 to 7 mushrooms, mixed herbs, seasoning. (you can add bacon to or quorn for veggies.
TOPPING: Chopped fresh parsley, veg stock, 1 mug full of self raising wholemeal flour, quarter 250g bar of butter, milk or water to mix. An oven proof dish.

Start cooking: Fry the chopped onion, leek, carrot, until soft, add bits of chicken (left from yesterdays whole chicken), add mushrooms. Take a heaped tea spoon of flour mix into a little water then add to half a pint of veg stock, pour this into pan and stir in until it thickens a bit, if to thick add a bit more water to pan. Taste test and season to your requirements. Pour into pie dish. Turn on oven to 200/180/gas 7? (guessing as i have electric)

Topping: Chop parsley and add to flour, mix in (can use dried mixed herbs instead), chop butter into cubes, rub into flour with fingers until looks like light bread crumby texture, mix in aprox 60ml of milk or water with a metal spoon or palette knife. Mixture should now be good to hand mix into a dough, (Note: add more fluid if its falling appart, add more flour if its all sticky), knead a little then squish into shape of your pie dish, place onto chicken mixture, you can paint/pour/brush over a bit of milk to help it to brown. Put into oven until you see topping starting to brown (about 15mins).
Serve with peas, green beans, portatoes – the choice is yours…

A weekly meal plan, good or very boring?

At this time in my life I am on a very tight budget, with not much work around for freelancers and with having to look after my 11 month old son any extra pennies I can save is a grand thing.

My friend told me once that his sister has a weekly meal planner, its up on her fridge. To me at the time this seemed very dull, if not a bit anal. Why would you want to have such structured meals? No room for creativity, fun or spontaneity, just quite b o o o r i n g really. Well thats what I thought I thought, until i came across an article about family meals, it sounds like having a predictable weekly meal plan really could make life on a budget much easier. Well, we are all allowed to change our minds aren’t we…

…i’ll let you know how I get on.
(And please share your own results!)

Links: Family meal planing, easy recipies allrecipes.co.uk, for veggies, Tesco will work it out for you

How to motivate your child…

I stumbled across this article which I wish to share –
We all want our children to do well, but how we praise their efforts can be crucial in helping them feel good about themselves and their achievements. Dr Clare Bailey explains. More useful family things can be found on Families online and on http://www.parentingmatters.co.uk/