Scar healing oil – Recipe

Here is a recipe to make your own healing scar oil, to help improve damaged skin.

This oil can help mild burn scars that are quite new. You can also use it postnatally to help heal c’section scar. Can be used as a massage oil to help stretch marks to fade. It can not get rid of stretch marks but can help quality of skin to improve and to help them to fade if they are pink/red.

DO NOT use during pregnancy because it is high in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is safe when breast feeding but high levels are best avoided during pregnancy.

Bespoke Healing Oil – soothe-me
A very healing oil, designed to help repair scarred, damaged or dry sore skin. Use on burn scars after burn wound is healed over (do not apply to broken skin), apply locally to damaged skin.

(photo shows 100ml bespoke oil that can be made to order from £14.99 inc uk postage)

Now lets begin, what you will need:

1 x 100ml bottle (with a sealable lid).
Measuring jug

Base oils:
35ml Calendula infused (Almond preferable)
25ml Shea butter (Shea butter cottage)
25ml Evening Primrose
15ml Vitamin E oil (natural plant sources)
40 drops Vitamin A Palmitate

Essential oils
8 drops Lavender
5 drops Geranium
6 drops Bergamot

Mix oils together and add Essential oils and Vitamin A. Make a label write the date you made the oil and the ingredients. This oil will keep for 12 to 15 months from opening after that it will be past its best, loosing its healing powers so discard.

How to use:
Massage in 2 to 3 times daily for at least 8 weeks or until improvement is seen.  Can be used on the body,  face, neck and hands. For external use only. Stop use if irritation occurs. Always patch test for 24 hours before use. (Best to patch test on your inner elbow).


Pregnancy skin care

Its very important to take care to use very natural skincare during pregnancy, because it is thought that we can absorb around 60% of harmful chemicals through the skin into the body. Therefore they could possibly be in some way damaging to the baby.

For this reason I chose to use only natural skin care during my pregnancy. Faithfully I used my soothe-me 100% natural & organic bump & boobs oil everyday from 12 weeks. Its a great natural product designed to support the skin during its time of belly s t r e t c h i n g!


I have just a few very small marks under my belly button and that is it. I am clearly very lucky and I know that genetics help too (my mum does not have any). But I DO BELIEVE the natural oil helped support and nourish my skin while it was expanding, helping strengthen and nourish the skin cells to prevent marks from appearing badly.

I have had excellent feedback from all my customers and pregnant friends that used it, some are actually still using it as a body and even face oil! I can make a special 250ml VALUE BOTTLE to order, email me –

I am make bespoke products and have a great ‘Healing Oil’ that can help to heal scars and damaged skin.
I only make this to order 100ml £12.99.

Stretchmarks  in general – is there a cure?

Other good products are Mama Mio pregnancy and stretchmark products.

Revitol – I have not used or spoken with anyone who has used this but I have heard about it and its all over the internet
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