Rosehhip & Sea Buckthorn Face Oils

For sometime now I have been working on re-vamping my ‘bioactive’ facial oil range, because I felt my facial oils could have ingredients that would work a lot harder for your skin.

For the new range I focussed on 2 ‘super oils’  Cold pressed Rosehip oil and Sea Buckthorn oil, both know as anti-ageing oils, naturally rich in the Omega family and vitamin A. Because these oils are know to help to balance the skins oil production, they can help both dry and oily skin.

Rosehip oil has been medically recognised to help prevent premature ageing of the skin. Sea Buckthorn is a beautiful golden colour, it has been used in skincare for many years to help heal the skin and for other health benefits. Rosehip on its own is a very ‘dry’ oil so I have also used natural vitamin E to counter act the dryness, Rosemary anti oxidant and with Vitamin A help with skin cell regeneration. The results are 3 beautiful face oils/serums that promote soft vital looking, clear skin. And they also smell wonderful!

All 3 help combat premature skin ageing and then each one has another particular targeted skin benefit.
Divine skin oil – Dry skin, with essential oil Lavender, Geranium, Pathchouli
Radiant skin oil – Mature skin, large pores, with essential oil of Elemi flower
Brilliant skin oil – Anti acne , with exquisite Frangipani and Fragonia for rebalancing
(I currently make to order, you can also try them in a mini travel size).

Facial brushing routine for beautiful skin!

If you have limited time or are a busy mum, this is a quick 5 min routine to try. This will leave your skin feeling AMAZING! I say this from experience, having stated this a few months ago my skin has never felt so supple and healthy. Brushing is best after cleansing, I use my soothe-me ‘Balancing Act‘ Exquisite Floral Water mist before I start. (note: you have the pressure correct if it is comfortable for you, its a personal thing!)


A few of the many benefits of ‘skin brushing’ are…

  • Brushing (acts like massage) encouraging the blood flow to skin cells,  bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells to help re-new them. Promoting happy healthy skin cells.
  • Brushing exfoliates helping remove old dead skin cells. As we age this process slow down, causing a dull complexion. Exfoliating by brushing = a better complexion.
  • It helps clear away impurities in the pores, clearer pores appear to look smaller
  • It stimulates and workes the muscles under the skin,  just like facial yoga, this helps improve skin tone, texture and helps skin to feel firmer.  Appearing less saggy and more youthful.
  • Find the right strength of brush for you, I like quite a firm one but others prefer softer more baby level brushes.  With the right brush for you it feels great, because brushing acts like massage it releases endorphins so you feel relaxed! It makes my skin feel really invigorated and I get so many comments about how great I look. Facial brushing for me is quite addictive and I LOVE IT! Give it a try today!

Hmmm Almond & Mango butter!

Soooo so delicious!
So on my mission to find amazing natural remedies for dry skin and eczema I came across these 2 butters, which I have chosen to combine into one product.

Both butters are cold-pressed ensuring they still full of their natural nutrients and antioxidants. They can help protect the skin from the weather and UV radiation.

A great benefit is that they are both these butters are hypo-allergenic. They are great for dry skin and dry eczema because they are rich in natural fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that the skin needs for optimum health, acting as a very hydrating emollient treatment.

This can be used as a body butter, for dry skin on hands and feet. Because it is lighter than shea or cocoa butter is  is a great skin balm for the lips, face and neck as well.

You can also be used for massage instead of an oil, essential oils can be mixed in to create your own blend.

Dry Skin Fix


And finally… I have now managed to add the 100% natural cream for eczema and very dry skin to my online shop. I have been selling this for a year or so having created it for my son. It really worked on his dry skin and I started giving out samples to other local mums with babies and children who had the same skin problems. I received great feedback and so started making it in bigger batches. Now its one of my best sellers, here are a few of the features and you can click on the image to buy it.

  • I am a deeply moisturising cream fro very dry skin
  • Especially designed to help babies and children with eczema.
  • Use me as a natural alternative to paraffin based cream and Aqueous cream
  • With regular use I can help keep dry eczema under control.
  • With organic oils of Shea butter, Sweet Almond & Avocado,
  • Rich in fatty acids that are proven to help dry skin to heal

Soothe-me natural skincare in Oxfordshire!

We are excited to announce that we are about to set up shop (mobile) in Oxfordshire!

Of course you can purchase our lovely products on the web wherever you are, however we now have a real person (her name is Caroline) who will be spreading the word, face-to-face.

She is based near Abingdon (best known as the town Radiohead grew up in), but will be covering the whole of Oxfordshire.
So, if you are based there or know anyone who is, please do spread the word for us.
Caroline’s debut stall will be at Oxford Sling Meet on Thursday 11 July at 11am with Florence Park Community Centre in east Oxford.

For more info:

A little more about Caroline


Caroline first met Suzie in 2010 at a developmental baby massage class that Suzie taught, shortly after the birth of her daughter.
She soon relocated to Oxfordshire and it was not until after the birth of her second baby that she got in touch with Suzie again looking to buy soothe-me products.  The idea of spreading the Soothe-me word locally evolved from there.

“I believe in the products and am thoroughly enjoying using them on myself, newborn and toddler.  As I generally use the products in the evening (a personal choice!) their beautiful smell signifies the end of another fabulous, hectic day of being a mum and helps me unwind and feel pampered.  Baby loves it too and I’m almost guaranteed a good sleep after massaging him with Super Baby Oil following his bath!”

Babies, kids and eczema help

My son suffered with extreme eczema from birth to about 3yrs. I myself suffer with occasional eczema, and have naturally dry, sensitive skin. Luckily my son now (at 4.5yrs) has happy healthy skin, with just the occasional eczema flare-up I attribute this to a few regular habits such as improved diet and daily massage with a skin oil.
Below I have put together some tips that could help you that have worked really well for us…

Dylan and Gramps

Creams & Massage:
I personally use my soothe-me Super Baby Oil massaged into his legs and arms daily (the actual massage helps his immune system and to improve skin quality), for the really dry patches I use my Dry skin fix. For older children and adults with mild eczema on the face I recommend the Happy Skin Cream, that has beautiful Lavender and Chamomile in.
Massage! Easy to over look this but massage helps the body eliminate toxins. This in return will help the skin to function better, eczema could be the body struggling to rid itself of toxins. So regular massage helps to encourage the lymphatic system to work. It also encourages the fibroblast cells to work, they help with the production of collagen. Therefore boosting skin health and strength. Exfoliation is also a benefit that comes from massage, sloughing off dead skincells, helping reveal new skin.

Green People and Organic Babies are great too, Aveeno cream has been recommended to me by other mums although it is not actually natural, it has some ingredients that I found may irritate,  I did not find it to work for my son. Do try to avoid using creams with petroleum, mineral oils, Methylisothiazolinone (MI), Oxybenzone, Parabens, Sodium lauryl sulfates and paraffin  in as they can irritate skin further, by their nature they just sit on the skin, blocking its natural function, preventing elimination of toxins though the skin.

I chose to not use any washing detergents or baby baths until my baby was over 3 months but its up to you. You can try those laundry balls. Then when I did i made sure they were SLS, Paraben and Pertrochemical free. Earth friendly Baby and Green People are good.
DEAD SEA SALT/NATURAL SEA SALT  –  Adding this to the bath water on its own or with 2 drops of Lavender Essential oil (babies over 6 months) can be very healing and soothing.
For adults and larger kids (over 10yrs)  you can make body scrubs by mixing Grapeseed oil with sea salt or gently rub dampened handfulls or salt over the skin.
Try adding a organic oil to the bath and using it to massage the skin after a bath. Try Safflower (Thistle oil), Sunflower or Sweet Almond. For babies over 3 months you could add Essential oils of Chamomile and Lavender (2 drops Lav 1 drop Cham to 30ml of oil – double this for adults).

Clothes Washing Powders:
Things that really help us both are using a gentle washing up liquid and washing powder like ECOVER and you can try double rinsing washing. Watch out for sudden skin rashes that may occur when you change powders, and try changing. I have heard DREFT is good too but have not used it myself.

Steroids is there ever a place for them?
Generally I try to avoid these as they can push the problem back into the body. But dont rule them out as they can be useful if you have a severe or prolonged outbreak, they can help get it back under control. Then go back to the natural methods (EFCORTELAN is designed for the face so is more gentle).

Hydration & Diet:
It is vital to ensure the sufferer is getting enough fluids, warm water is good (although quite boring!), you can add some freshly squeezed Lemon, pear juice and apple are better than orange. I suggest avoiding to much milk* and dairy also refined sugars, tomato based foods could be irritating. Alkaline foods are recommended, if you can try to have 70% alkaline to 30% acid foods each day. (Not that easy tho as I love chocolate!). * My son is on Pepti Cow and Gate perscription milk that has the dairy proteins broken down, it helps his skin and helped his reflux when he was younger.

Probiotics & Gut Health:
Gut health has been linked with Eczema and other atopic diseases, so it could help to give your child some probiotics and to take them if you are breastfeeding.  I have posted on this before read here. (Further reading here by expert Leonard Smith MD)

Most definitely worth a try! You also need to stick with it.

Milk thistle complex is thought to help the liver (NOT FOR BABIES THO!), and good Probiotix can help the gut become more healthy and therefore leads to healthy skin.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR THESE ARE JUST TIPS THAT WORKED FOR ME. Please visit your medical practitioner for medical advice.

More advice from ‘There must be a better way’

Chilblain remedies and help – what works?

From rubbing in the juice of onions or raw potato slices to lemon juice, there are some pretty silly sounding remedies for Chilblains.

Firstly the best thing to do is to keep your wee toes and fingers warm, wear warm socks, merino wool ones are great as they are not itchy. Simple things like leg warmers help to by warming the blood at the ankles, wear in and out doors. Pair them up with wrist warmers. When you do go out in the cold wear thick soled shoes/boots to keep you up away from the cold ground, make sure they are not tight so not to restrict the circulation any further.
In bed wear the warm sock as bare skin next to a hot water bottle is best avoided. Keep then out of extremes of hot and cold, so you may need to keep you feet out of the bath if a hot one. (Best temperature is body temperature).

legwarmers Jewellery Bijou

Crochet leg wamers by Jewellery Bijou on Folksy – “Unique fashion for unique people”

Secondly Drink fresh ginger and lemon tea. Eat circulation-enhancing ingredients like chilli, ginger, garlic, onion, thyme and turmeric. Avoid to much alcohol.

Thirdly you can also try these simple home remedies that I made for my sister and they worked really well.
Chilblain Cream – Take 30ml (about a heaped table spoon) of a plain fairly thick unscented cream (preferably a natural one of course). Mix in well these 4 Essential oils: 4 drops of Lemon, 3 drops of Geranium oil, 3 of Marjoram and 2 of Ginger. To use the cream, massage it into effected areas twice a day, perhaps once early evening and then just before bed, followed by your warm socks! Massage will help to as it will boost the circulation.
Salt & oil soak –  Get a 60ml jar, and some natural salt, I used fine Himalayan salt which is known for its therapeutic properties, to detox and heal, also helps improve circulation. You can use dead sea salt or any other natural salt (not table salt as it has had its good bit stripped out!).
Add the salt to the 60ml jar until it is 3/4 full. Then pour in organic Sesame oil until it just covers the salt, (you could also use Sunflower or Olive if you already have those in your kitchen). Then add the same essential oils as the cream: 8 drops of Lemon, 6 drops of Geranium oil, 6 of Marjoram and 4 of Ginger. Mix well (I put lid on jar tightly and shook it). Then top up with more salt if the oil level is above the salt. You could also try adding 1/2 a teaspoon of turmeric powder to this remedy.
To use this chilblain remedy, its best used in the bath. Run a body temperature bath or keep you feet up out of the bath, perhaps rest them on the taps. Scoop about a tea spoon amount from the jar and gently pat and spread it over the chilblain area. Leave to soak into the area for about 5 mins, then wash of gently with body temperature water. Try to do this once a day for a week to see results.

For a home Herbal Remedy and further ideas on how to prevent Chilblains and details on Raynaud’s disease clearly outlined here Body & Soul website

warm-your-sole chilblain remedies

I also found this ready made natural remedy that looks great available online:
Warm your Sole by Body Essentials
contains antiseptic qualities to soothe and comfort skin.

Marjoram is also analgesic and fungicidal.
Ginger warms the area and is known to improve circulation while providing analgesic and anti-bacterial elements.
Geranium acts as an antiseptic and deodoriser. It is non-toxic, non-irritating and generally non-sensitising oil.
Lemon stimulates the white blood corpuscles, strengthening the body’s defence mechanism.

Pro-biotic drops for babies & children

Through my baby massage classes I have been hearing a lot about Pro-biotics for babies. About how they can help ease colic and could help reflux AND eczema (by improving gut health). I wish I had know about these when my son was a baby as he was hospitalised with his reflux, it was a nightmare. There is not nearly enough support for parents who have to cope with this.

So these are recommended brands solarays, babylife and biogaia,, I will soon be getting some to try on my 3 yr old son to see if it helps his eczema.










Read more on this useful link here on mumsnet 

Sleep well Buckwheat with Lavender Pillow for neck support

A pillow with health benefits!
It’s one of the best pillows I have slept on (and I have tried many!). I hand-made it for my boyfriend first, then my friends ordered and as I have had so many positive comments, I decided to make it for other people to enjoy the sleep.

Its a great pillow for insomnia, headache,snoring, irritability, stiff neck and sluggishness and because it can be shaped and moulded to how you like it keeps you in a good position. Also can help lessen puffy eyes in the morning as the lavender helps you breathe well.

It supports your neck, moulds your shape, scented with lavender which is very calming and helps you to sleep more deeply. And its even environmentally friendly!

Makes you want one? Well my friend hand-make them bespoke to order, so for prices and to order please email on

Super baby oil – may help eczema & psoriasis too…

Our ‘Super Baby Oil’ has had great feedback from mums and now from a Dad!

Christian told me initially he was worried that he would be unable to massage his daughter incase oil used irritated his skin. Then when Cathrin, his partner, bought some of our ‘Super Baby Oil’ during a baby massage class he started using it to massage his baby daughter at home.
Christian said he noticed that the psoriasis on his hands was actually improving rather than becoming more irritated. He is now able to bond with his baby daughter during massage time and to know his hands are actually getting a healing treatment. Winners on all accounts!