About this blog

This blog is to create a useful resource for parents around the philosophies of my company soothe-me.

Soothe-me is a unique artisan company that creates exceptional handmade natural, organic skincare. It feels amazing on the skin, smells luscious and alive! All packed full of certified organic and 100% natural ingredients.With very special skincare products for Pregnancy, birth and babies. Also parent and baby classes in East London.

(By Fashion Filtered, online Fashion, Beauty and Lifstyle Magazine)

All soothe-me products are created in small batches using organic inredients naturally rich in vitamins. NO WAY to: Animal Testing, Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulphates, Petrochemicals

We only use certified safe base creams with natural ingredient and organic essential oils. Where ever possible choosing ingredients that are fairtrade and ethically sourced, and if possible produced and grown in the UK. Our packaging is recycled, recyclable and biodegradable. We also offer a refill service to our local customers.

I am a Designer, Aromatherapist, Baby Massage & Yoga Instructor and Mum! I first created soothe-me as a hobby with the making of one hand cream, and then it grew with my own search for a natural solution to help heal my Son’s sensitive, dry skin and eczema. It has now grown to be a cottage industry and family business.


Suzie and Dylan

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