Hidden Gem of a Heath Shop in Westfield Stratford!

as_nature_intended westfield stratford

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I looooove mooching about in health shops and to my delight I found a brilliant one in Westfield, Stratford.

How unexpected to find this quiet little haven in that big ‘ol shopping mal.

‘As Nature Intended Shop’ have a great range of natural remedies from vitamins to skincare. A lovely range of natural mineral make up including INIKA’s range. They also have health foods and yummie herbal teas. They also have branches in Chiswick, Ealing and Balham.

The shop assistant was so friendly and very helpful, she even gave me free samples of PAI natural creams for free, I didnt even ask! So I left with a load of natural goodies and a big smile. Yay to the Health shop find in the bowels of Westfield (Stratford).
To find it you go to the Lower ground floor level and its tucked away in the corner SEE MAP HERE

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