Sunny soup with carrot and squash

Sunny soup recipe!

For vegans, veggies, kids, diabetics, everyone to enjoy.

1/4 butternut squash (peeled)
3 carrots (peeled)
1 onion (big is better)
1 clove garlic
1 stock cube (veggie)
1.5 pints water
1 teaspoon of honey (miss out if you are diabetic)
a big sprinkle of dried tarragon or basil
Big pinch of course black pepper
(Salt if you want)
Butter (just a little nob) (or veg oil if vegan)
A hand held blender (if you dont have a blender just chop everything up nice and finely)

1. Chop everything
2. Put butter in pan medium heat and add chopped onions, then squash and carrots, fry for 3 mins stirring regularly.
3. Then put on low heat (leccy about 3) and put a lid on pan leave veg to sweat for about 10 mins. (Go do some work, plat with kids, tit about etc in this 10mins, its yours use it).
4. Crumble in stock cube and drool in honey, stir into veg. Now slowly add water while stirring, add in a pinch of drive tarragon or basil and pepper.
5. On a low heat leave to cook for 10 to 15 more minutes.
6. Taste to see if you need to add more stock or seasoning, turn of heat and blend with hand held blender or serve chunky.

Sleep well Buckwheat with Lavender Pillow for neck support

A pillow with health benefits!
It’s one of the best pillows I have slept on (and I have tried many!). I hand-made it for my boyfriend first, then my friends ordered and as I have had so many positive comments, I decided to make it for other people to enjoy the sleep.

Its a great pillow for insomnia, headache,snoring, irritability, stiff neck and sluggishness and because it can be shaped and moulded to how you like it keeps you in a good position. Also can help lessen puffy eyes in the morning as the lavender helps you breathe well.

It supports your neck, moulds your shape, scented with lavender which is very calming and helps you to sleep more deeply. And its even environmentally friendly!

Makes you want one? Well my friend hand-make them bespoke to order, so for prices and to order please email on

Greenwich Market – soothe-me stall

Well hello there and welcome to our stall!

We are now trialing at stall at Greenwich Market!

We just had our beautiful range of fine organic skincare  approved by the market manager on our Wednesday practice run! He especially loved our stalls look and our aprons (thank you Tatiana!).

This means that we are now going to be able to trade on weekends, probably starting with once or twice a month. We will be posting up the dates we will be trading HERE and on our FACEBOOK PAGE. So do ‘Like’ us on facebook so you are kept up to date.

(Suzie & Tatiana pictured at Greenwich)

Come and see new additions for our range by Tatiana – Beautiful Lavender Buckwheat Pillows, Herbal Bath Teas. And dont miss our natural Mens skincare range, with organic shaving oils, skin balm for dry skin, Hydrating moisturiser, designed for Men. Super smooth lip and skin balms – Yum yum balm suitable for vegans and babies!