Sparkly Lip Cocktails!

New from soothe-me – Dinky Lip Sparkles in a cocktail of flavors!
(pictured below on my windowsill)

I have just made these beautifully smooth balms 100%  natural with SPF 15, made with Olive wax, Coco butter and Plum Kernel oil. (5ml pots), suitable for vegans. Very subtle sparkles to each one, all a different shade.  Super dinky cute, will easily fit in pockets even of tight jeans!


Purple/red lid – ‘Wimbldon’ – Strawberry flavor with a light Rose sparkle tint.
Amber lid – ‘No.99’ – Moroccan Vanilla with a tiny bit of copper sparkle.
Green lid – ‘Mojito’ – Mint & Lime flavour with a light goldy sparkle.

Where to buy? – They will be up on the soothe-me site for sale next week £3.99 inc postage and on my ETSY site.

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