Olive & Moss illustrated baby clothing

Love, Love, Love this quirky baby clothing company… Olive & Moss.
From South London, keeping it real in the UK. Great gifts or to keep!

Their designs are beautiful graphic illustrations, fun but not cheesy. Clothing is really high quality and very well made, with clever designs that make it easy to put on to little wriggly people. All this and they are still affordable and adorable.

My 2.5yr old would love the Louis Lion!

About Olive &B Moss

Set up by  Nina Clarke in South East London, launched in 2007. Olive&Moss started with just 10 staple designs. Nina saw that customers instantly loved the simplicity of the graphic, quirky, retro designs and it grew from there. Nina also sells cards with her styled illustrations on.

Visit there shop now here:

Super baby oil – may help eczema & psoriasis too…

Our ‘Super Baby Oil’ has had great feedback from mums and now from a Dad!

Christian told me initially he was worried that he would be unable to massage his daughter incase oil used irritated his skin. Then when Cathrin, his partner, bought some of our ‘Super Baby Oil’ during a baby massage class he started using it to massage his baby daughter at home.
Christian said he noticed that the psoriasis on his hands was actually improving rather than becoming more irritated. He is now able to bond with his baby daughter during massage time and to know his hands are actually getting a healing treatment. Winners on all accounts!

soothe-me Baby Massage – Revision Videos

For those who have taken my baby massage course, or even if you want some tips for massaging your baby at home. You can now watch revision videos on our facebook page. Please do ‘like us’ so you can follow all our classes news, updates and other exciting goings on! (dont laugh I know the demo doll is weird!) We are now have a ‘you tube’ channel http://www.youtube.com/user/suziesootheme

The most watched videos for babies with colic and wind are here for you.

Tiger in the Tree shown by Nikki Khan (infacol)

Scar healing oil – Recipe

Here is a recipe to make your own healing scar oil, to help improve damaged skin.

This oil can help mild burn scars that are quite new. You can also use it postnatally to help heal c’section scar. Can be used as a massage oil to help stretch marks to fade. It can not get rid of stretch marks but can help quality of skin to improve and to help them to fade if they are pink/red.

DO NOT use during pregnancy because it is high in Vitamin A. Vitamin A is safe when breast feeding but high levels are best avoided during pregnancy.

Bespoke Healing Oil – soothe-me
A very healing oil, designed to help repair scarred, damaged or dry sore skin. Use on burn scars after burn wound is healed over (do not apply to broken skin), apply locally to damaged skin.

(photo shows 100ml bespoke oil that can be made to order from £14.99 inc uk postage)

Now lets begin, what you will need:

1 x 100ml bottle (with a sealable lid).
Measuring jug

Base oils:
35ml Calendula infused (Almond preferable)
25ml Shea butter (Shea butter cottage)
25ml Evening Primrose
15ml Vitamin E oil (natural plant sources)
40 drops Vitamin A Palmitate

Essential oils
8 drops Lavender
5 drops Geranium
6 drops Bergamot

Mix oils together and add Essential oils and Vitamin A. Make a label write the date you made the oil and the ingredients. This oil will keep for 12 to 15 months from opening after that it will be past its best, loosing its healing powers so discard.

How to use:
Massage in 2 to 3 times daily for at least 8 weeks or until improvement is seen.  Can be used on the body,  face, neck and hands. For external use only. Stop use if irritation occurs. Always patch test for 24 hours before use. (Best to patch test on your inner elbow).