Spiritual birthing guide & homeopathy for pregnancy

27th February 2010

“An Afternoon Of Nurture, Health And
Healing For Mums To Be”

Create your own Birthing Rescue Remedy and
learn how to connect to your Birthing Guide.

With Sophia Please and Homeopath Grazia Gatti

Afternoon of Saturday 27th February

Welcoming all mums to be, come and receive some mind, body and soul healing in a warm and nourishing atmosphere, an afternoon for you to relax, create sacred self connection and have time to be! Learn how natural homeopathic remedies and healing techniques can provide holistic health and support to you during pregnancy and labour, including an opportunity to connect to your own supportive birthing guide. Explore how to connect with your intuitive natural self, whilst moving through the cycles of pregnancy and birth. Within the afternoon we will each be creating a unique healing birth remedy, which will be individual to you and organically attuned to to your body, soul and baby.

About Sophia: Through her healing practice Sophia has holistically midwifed many mums to be with their pregnancy through to healthy births. Empowering and supporting the mother and child with sense of heart and compassion, is her key focus. As well as supporting the mother, she has a sacred ability to connect and communicate with babies before being born, helping grow integral links and supporting bond between mother and child.

Full workshop details coming soon.
If you’re interested in this afternoon or you’d like to know more, please contact Sophia

t: 07751 829101 e:info@sophiaplease.co.uk

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